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Our Story

Established in July 2000 a key focus for us here at EmployNZ over this time is that we recognise each individual is a part of a community; and for our communities to succeed, grow and prosper socially and economically our individuals must also succeed, grow and prosper. We have the privilege of being part of people’s lives as they prepare for their personal transitions from benefit dependency to higher levels of tertiary education, training or employment.

Our Purpose

To provide a supportive learning environment which inspires our students and clients to achieve their educational and employment goals.

Who Are We

“Te Taumata Oranga – We Change Lives”

  • Committed to making a difference
  • Be Accountable
  • Talk openly and honestly
  • Focus on success
We operate on a partnership philosophy. We partner with Government (specifically Ministry of Social Development, the Tertiary Education Commission and New Zealand Qualifications Authority) to provide our clients with quality, relevant and achievable training and development. We partner with industry to gain real opportunities for our clients to pathway into employment. We partner with other education providers (secondary schools, private training establishments, tertiary institutes and industry training organisations) to source further training and identify best practices that will benefit our clients.
Founded by Robyn Phillips we have maintained her vision that we continuously work towards providing a comprehensive range of motivational, life-skill and skill based training that is commercially and community based, and focused at supporting people into, and within, higher education and employment.

Our People

Jay Banner
Jay BannerManaging Director
Telephone Ext. 817
Justin Morris
Justin MorrisGeneral Manager - Sales & Marketing
Telephone Ext. 803
Pia Kakau
Pia KakauGeneral Manager - Service Delivery
Telephone Ext. 808
Mike Hay
Mike HayEducation Manager
Telephone Ext. 891
Jacqui Ferrel
Jacqui FerrelGeneral Manager - Tertiary Education
Telephone Ext. 816
Gloria Wilson
Gloria WilsonAccounts & Compliance Manager
Telephone Ext. 816
Paulette Le Gros
Paulette Le GrosYouth Service Manager - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 805
Ereti Williams
Ereti Williams Information Analyst / Regional Service Delivery Manager - Rotorua
Telephone Ext. 806
Programme Developer
Telephone Ext. 882
Margaret Clarke
Margaret ClarkeLearning & Development Manager
Telephone Ext. 827
Shanon Manning
Shanon ManningOffice Manager
Telephone Ext. 800
Sally Blackler
Sally BlacklerAccount Manager - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 827
Melissa Oliver
Melissa OliverEmployment Placement Service - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 830
Belinda Garner
Belinda GarnerTutor - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 818
Richard PrattTutor - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 802
John Jackson
John JacksonTutor - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 900
Kahu Rauwhero
Kahu RauwheroYouth Coach - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 807
Dave Burbery
Dave BurberyTutor - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 900
Jana Chase
Jana ChaseYouth Coach - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 819
Pip Wilson
Pip WilsonYouth Coach - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 842
Danielle Reeves
Danielle ReevesYouth Coach - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 804
Justin Kahotea
Justin KahoteaCareerFit Tutor - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 804
Mickel Rawiri
Mickel RawiriYouth Coach - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 804
Olive Callaghan-McDonald
Olive Callaghan-McDonaldReceptionist - Tauranga
Telephone Ext. 801
Kaylah YoungTutor
Telephone Ext. 840
Jasmin CooksonSales & Recruitment Advisor
Telephone Ext. 840
Donelle Rikihana
Donelle Rikihana Course Administrator / Receptionist - Rotorua
Telephone Ext. 840
Josie Witika
Josie WitikaEmployment Placement Service - Rotorua
Telephone Ext. 846
Cody Wikingi
Cody WikingiCareerFit Tutor - Rotorua
Telephone Ext. 800
Gillian Bowen
Gillian BowenLiteracy Tutor - Rotorua
Telephone Ext. 843
Justine Wilcox
Justine WilcoxTutor - Rotorua
Telephone Ext. 844
Tiani Broughton- Bell
Tiani Broughton- BellTutor - Rotorua
Telephone Ext. 841
Ben Jacobs
Ben JacobsCareerFit Tutor
Telephone Ext. 881
Kat Erutoe
Kat ErutoeEmployment Placement Service - Taupo
Telephone Ext. 881
Judith Peez
Judith PeezLiteracy Tutor - Taupo
Telephone Ext. 848
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